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We See Each Other

So. I haven't checked in with my sunflowers in while. I recently found myself in a

distracted phase of life, but we will talk more about that later.

The important thing is that I am back. The unfortunate thing is that the events that motivated me to get back in the saddle are not all good. This particular blog is motivated by the current issues that our nation and world are facing due to the spread of the Coronavirus. Yikes!!! Hopefully, no one has started being chased by zombies just yet. But, nonetheless, it is beginning to feel like the start of an apocalyptic thriller to

me. My hope is that you all are safe and have total peace during this time. A few months ago, I jotted down an idea for a blog in my journal. I did not develop it at that time. But, the changes in our day to day functioning as a society have encouraged me to do so now.

As I have gone through life and worked to instill certain values in my daughters, there has always been one thing, increasingly so as the age of technology continues to advance, that has always been a pet peeve for me. We, as people, do not take the time to SEE one another anymore. What do I mean by that? Well, I am saying that we are increasingly more disconnected from one another on a daily basis. You see in the past, people took the time to give the gift of kindness and recognition to one another. Neighbors knew each other, families talked to each other, and even strangers could be counted on for the friendly hello and a smile. But, as our world advances further into the modern age, it seems that we have lost the value of community and traded it in for parallel play. I see it everyday and it is one of the saddest things I have ever witnessed. I have seen workers in the service industry ignored and treated as if all they are is a faceless tool to bring food or ring up purchases. I have seen the elderly all but forgotten in the fast paced speed of life. I have seen those of the "upper class" treat those of a different social status like they have nothing to offer. I have seen people gathering at events or for meals where no one is talking to one another because they are so wrapped up in their devices. I have heard the questions about "what am I supposed to do with these kids" when family time is presented.

As a human race, we have become so technologically advanced that we are totally disconnected from one another as people. We don't see one another anymore. And you know what, for someone like me, that is scary. As people, we are meant to have a community around us. The saying "no man is an island" is a real thing. I cannot tell you how many times my little community has saved me from myself in more ways than one. My hope for the world has for so long been that we get back to seeing one another. And then......the quarantine. Yes, we are all in a state of uncertainty and at times serious concern due to the outbreak of this virus. We are being asked to self quarantine and all of those places and activities that we usually turn to are being shut down indefinitely. Schools, jobs, restaurants, gatherings are all being snatched away in order to try to decrease the spread of this illness. It's a very scary time to live in for most people.

But, then, among all the chaos, I have seen something amazing happening. People are starting to see one another again...starting to reconnect, even in light of social distancing. Yes, there are still folks who are only out for self. But, I have seen so many stories and videos of folks finding a way to connect with one another. Isn't it funny how not having something makes you realize how fortunate you are to have had it all along? I have seen videos of people in complexes taking part in a community workout session where the instructor stood in the center of the complex while tenants worked out in their individual windows. I have seen a video of a man playing a keyboard, while a close neighbor played along on the sax and all the neighbors stood on their balconies to take it in and cheer them on. I have seen stories of people advocating for and assisting the elderly to get what they need to quarantine and some stores have even changed their policies to accommodate them. I have seen people find a way to lift one another's spirits through social media platforms that have often become overwhelmingly negative and draining. I have seen parents and families taking the time to reassess and realign the activities that take place in their homes in order to ensure quality family time instead of just letting the tv watch them as they play on devices. I have seen people waking up and seeing one another again....and I, personally, love it!

God does work in mysterious ways, doesn't He? I don't know what this thing holds for us all. I don't know if this is the end of days or a media frenzy to cover up some alternate agenda. But, whatever it is, I choose to see the positive changes it is impacting. I would like to believe that this is a wake up call for us as the human race to realize that we are not taking advantage of one of the most valuable assets that we have as a another. My hope is that when all of this washes over (God please let it all wash over), I can look around and say we see each other.

Light and Love.....

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