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So. It's the big day that, for many singles, makes you even more aware of your singleness. It's Valentine's Day! Everyone is posting their love stories and date nights and gifts from their significant others. If you are like I once was, it can be very triggering for you...and that's okay. It can almost be like a slap in the face that makes you just want to curl up and ride the wave of another year as the single pringle on the day of love. If you are in that space today, my hope for you is that you know that IT IS OKAY!

You see, the reason that feeling is present is that society has told you that you are lacking something if you don't possess romantic love and that you should be disappointed in your singleness. Tuh! Well, I am here to tell you that THAT IS A LIE! You are in whatever season that you are meant to be in right now. So, I encourage you to bask in the love to be found in this season. What do I mean? I'm glad you asked!

About 2 years ago, as I wrote out my list of goals for the year, one of my top ones was "to find true love". When I wrote those words, I, obviously, meant a partner to love me and for me to love back. They say be specific for a reason. Lol. I didn't find a partner. But, I did find true love. I was forced in the coming years to turn within and learn to love Angela, truly! I was forced to be still and learn to be fully in love with the two beautiful faces that I brought into this world that I sometimes took for granted. I was forced to let go of the relationships that were taking up space in my heart with no return on investment and pour more into the friends, family, and acquaintances who love me for me. And there, in those unexpected corners of my life, I found the true love I needed in my singleness.

Now, those sappy posts from my social media friends make me smile instead of roll my eyes. Lol! I love reading about other people's love stories . It reminds me that true love is not some unreachable fantasy because ordinary people all around me have found it. When my friends and loved ones share their plans for Vday, I get almost as excited as they do and even put my two scents in. The thought of another year of singleness no longer triggers me. Now, it just motivates me to know that whoever is out there for me is still being molded and that it's going to be an amazing celebration when, at last, we are ready for one another. Whew, come on somebody!

Listen! If this day triggers you as a single person, it is okay to stand in the truth of that hurt. It's okay to protect yourself. It's okay to take a social media break. It's okay to watch your favorite comedy or action movies instead of the sappy love stories. It is okay! But, I urge you, that if you can, find a way to celebrate the abundance of love that you likely have all around you.

Love on yourself by buying yourself those flowers, taking yourself to eat, or pampering yourself for the day. This will help you to know what it takes for you to be happy so that you can teach your partner your love language when the time comes.

Love on your babies by buying them gifts or treating them to some super special time. This will teach them how they should expect to be treated when their time comes and show them that there is more than one type of love to celebrate.

Love on your family and friends. Galentine's celebrations have become one of my favorite things to do with my sisters and friends. Those relationships are so vital and they deserve a day to be fully celebrated.

I know that romantic love is the type that comes to mind on this day. But, man, there's so many other truly important types of love that you can make this day about. My hope for those who hold romantic love in their hand is that this day reminds you of why you fell in love and reignites any flames that may be dwindling. My hope for those who are still preparing for romantic love is that this day reminds you to embrace the many types of love, including the most precious type of all...agape love or God's divine love.

On this day of love, I wish you all light and

L O V E....🌻

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