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Checking Out

So. I checked into a room in town for the weekend. No huge plans, just me and some solitude. I will admit, I used to be the mom who avoided wasting money on myself because there is always something the kids will need. But, sometimes, those long baths, mani/pedis, and $5 coffees stop being enough self care. I use a third party site to book rooms when we travel, so I had a free room that I was able to take advantage of. Why would I check into a room in the same city where I have a house? Because, let's be honest, if I planned a "stop" day at home, it would have been a failure. How many times do we as moms, wives, career women find something to be done at home instead of keeping our word to ourselves to just rest? How often do we feel guilty about sitting still in our own surroundings because there is so much that needs to be done? For me, its constant. So I forced myself to step away and "check out". It felt a little weird at first, but I loved it! I disconnected from social media for 24 hours....everyone needs a cleanse. I also watched very minimal TV. I checked in to my room, walked to the coffee shop, read and drank my coffee. Then, I got the best 90 minute deep tissue massage I've ever back is sore but no longer one big knot. I went back to my room, lit my incense, turned on my India Arie, and journaled. During that time I reflected deeply on what makes me happy, what doesn't, and what I can do to change it. I made that "list" and will be praying for my husband. I reflected on my 2019 accomplishments and set my 2020 goals. I went to the hotel restaurant and boldly (for me it's always weird) got a table for 1. I ordered whatever I wanted and even tried something new. I actually tasted the food, because instead of entertaining someone else or playing on my phone, I focused on my meal and my thoughts. Then I took the longest, hottest shower I've taken in a long time. I did a facial, drank hot tea, and colored for about 2 hours. Then, I went to peace, relaxed, and happy with the time I invested in me.

I say all of this to say that we as women carry the weight of not only our world, but all of those around us constantly. It is exhausting! We spend so much time being who everyone needs us to be, that we don't take the time to really look at who we are as a person and realign every now and then. We often forget to treat ourselves well too. I encourage all of you amazing ladies to check out once in a while. The kids and hubby will be fine. The dishes and laundry will be there when you get back. The job will still function without you for a minute. You deserve a minute with you...take it. And husbands out there, I bet you can win some major points if you take the initiative to make this happen for her...just saying. Lol.

2020 goal #5: "Check out" at least once every 3 months, whether it is in town or out of town

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