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Caution...You're check engine light is on!

So, boom! Normally when I need regular maintenance on my car, I go to the little 5 minute, don't get out of your car oil change spots. I mean it takes less time, costs less sometimes, and I don't feel like being there anyway, so just get it over with. Well, I had been putting off and putting off going to get an oil change and tire rotation because 1. I like to drive my vehicle until the wheels literally fall off and 2. COVID...germs! So, my power steering felt like it was completely gone out, my truck was making the strangest noises I think I have ever heard, and I feared there was something major wrong under the hood. I finally bit the bullet and took it to the dealership and, tada, regular maintenance fixed every issue that was going on for the past few months. Now isn't that something?! I thought to myself, don't we do ourselves the same way? We go and go and push the envelope until we are breaking down mentally, physically, and emotionally. Then, we have to take drastic measures to fix something that never would have gone wrong with regular maintenance. And even when we are keeping up the regular maintenance, we try to find short cuts or invest less energy because who really has time for that.

But, in the grand scheme of things, we must maintain a healthy total care regimen. I know for me personally, my upkeep of regular maintenance comes in ebbs and flows. One month I will be on top of everything. I mean I am doing it, taking care of me, taking care of business, and keeping my kids happy and healthy. The next thing I know, I get laxed and things slowly start to break down. I stop doing my meditations and taking my walks. I start missing my medications. I stop reading and ingesting things that are beneficial for my mental health. I start eating like crap. And, low and behold, before I know it, I feel horrible about every aspect of my life. I am sluggish and short tempered and teetering on the edge of a breakdown. Why do we allow this to happen? Well, for me, I just get plain old lazy and am so busy taking care of everyone else that I sacrifice taking care of me. But, reality is, if I don't take care of me, I'm no good to anyone. So, I very often have to take a step back, reevaluate, and get back on track with my own regular maintenance.

When was the last time that you took a moment to check in with yourself? How long have you been ignoring that check engine light that is telling you it's time for a tune up? Have you been functioning on the edge of a breakdown? Likely, your response to these questions is not the one that benefits your overall well being. Life in general is tough, especially for women, who function in so many roles on a daily basis. Compound that with the absolute chaos that has become 2020 and we are probably all very close to a not so good space right now. Yes, it means saying no to someone or something else. Yes, it means forcing yourself to be honest about what you need. Yes, it means confronting that mom or partner guilt and realizing that you need you the most! In this season, my hope is that we all learn to pay more attention to our check engine lights. You know what they are...that short fuse, that feeling of being on the verge of tears constantly, that restlessness and inability to sleep at night, that constant nagging that something is off kilter. Pay attention to what your body, mind and spirit are saying to you. And instead of waiting for a breakdown, do something now. Schedule a stop weekend, check out of your routine to check in with yourself, do the things that it takes to maintain your best you. If no one else will, I AM GIVING YOU PERMISSION! You matter and you need you the most!

Light and Love....

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